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Hide-MyIp - The Best Proxy List offers a huge list of online proxies to keep your information secure whilst browsing the internet. We have 9 active and checked proxies you can choose from. Your details are not private whilst browsing the Internet. You can secure them by using a proxy on our list.

Are your proxy lists fresh?

Totally!, our automated system checks for dead links every three hours and rechecks dead links every four hours, we do not display dead links. We also keep record of proxy loading times we check these every three hours too. You can view our statics here, and compare the fastest proxies.

Do you own a proxy?

Click here to add a proxy. If you own a network of proxies, and you want to submit them all, you can use a bulk submission feature, please click here to use it. If you submit your proxy, you'll receive free traffic with no catches!

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